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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. We explain why drywall nail pops occur, where they occur, and how they are repaired.

We suggest definitions of closed drywall nail pops and open drywall nail pops such as shown in our page top photo. In most cases drywall nail pops are a cosmetic defect, though in some locations such as near a center partition below a truss roof, they may indicate interesting structural movement such as arching roof trusses.

We compare these drywall nail pops with thermal tracking or spots caused by ghosting. The drawing of nail pops shown below is provided courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates and appears in their Illustrated Home.

Nail pops in drywall walls or ceilings are usually a minor cosmetic issue that is common in new construction. Here we'll tell all about the types, causes, cures, and prevention of nail pops, and we'll include a little warning that while most nail-pops are just a cosmetic issue, on occasion loose or protruding drywall nails or screws could be a sign of more serious building trouble. Below we illustrate nail pops in drywall. At below left are typical closed nail pops associated with normal wood and material shrinkage - this in a home built in the 's.

The drywall nail head extends above the surrounding drywall but the paper surface has not torn.

nail salon exhaust

You can see that the original drywall hanger used pairs of drywall nails at each nail location. You'll see that now that the bulge of pushed-up joint compound "mud" has popped off of the wall or ceiling completely, the actual head of the drywall nail may itself not poke out of the wall. Still it needs to be re-set. If I see a lot of rust on the drywall nail I look for a building moisture problem as well.

Below is a drywall nail pop that is barely discernable and does not merit special attention. You can spot even the slightest nail pop or concavity in drywall by careful use of oblique lighting. This closed drywall nail pop shows up as a very slight raised bump that in some lighting may appear darker or lighter than surrounding area.

I added a light gray circle so that you can find the spot I'm showing.

nail in exhaust pop

Don't confuse a drywall nail pop with the dark spot or shadow that may form at drywall nail or drywall screw locations due to thermal tracking.

Drywall nail pops normally extend above the surrounding surface. This usually happens only on new work, and only one time. The drawings of roof truss uplift and corrective measures for truss uplift shown here are provided courtesy of Carson Dunlop Associates and appears in their Illustrated Home. Above we have described rising roof trusses and wood shrinkage as two most-common causes of drywall nail pops in buildings. Understanding the cause of any building defect, even an apparently-cosmetic one, is important both in deciding what repair will be effective and in deciding whether or not the defect, in this case nails protruding out from the wall, are actually a telltale sign of some more-serious, even dangerous building condition.

Using an insufficient number of drywall screws or nails, missing the supporting stud or ceiling joist,using screws that are so short that they have inadequate penetration into the supporting stud or joist, or failing to space the drywall fasteners at the proper interval all can result in loose drywall and drywall nail or screw pops later. The maximum fastener spacing on walls when no adhesive is used is 8 inches and on ceilings, 7 inches when nails are used.

The maximum drywall fastener spacing when screws are used is 16" o. Using too many drywall screws can also cause drywall movement, nail pops or worse, complete separation. Screwing in a fastener ever couple of inches, for example, will so fracture the drywall that it is weakened enough to risk a failure. Over-driving screws or nails both tears the paper surface of the drywall, weakening the connection, and also fractures the gypsum below the nail or screw, leaving the fastener in a softer area of drywall.

Our photo illustrates impressive protruding blobs of joint compound over three popped drywall fasteners in a small section of wall. This repair was done by simply adding a mound of filler over the nail without setting the nails or screws below the wall surface. Set protruding drywall nails, add nails or better, drywall screws, and you are not likely to see nail pops again in that area.

If you do then something else is going on with the structure and more investigation would be in order. Besides arching roof trusses and thermal or humidity-induced movement, there are natural stress points in any drywall installation such as at inside corners at walls and between walls and ceilings - these are common places where you may see both cracking and nail pops.

Movement in building walls, ceilings, and even floors that might push or pull on walls can cause drywall buckling, cracks, tears, and also nail pops.

Small amounts of building movement associated with changes in temperature and humidity are normal and not threatening. We might find both drywall nail pops and drywall cracking in the same building area.What are the most common causes and cures for this problem on a fuel injected twin cam motorcycle? Note from the crew:. Popping on deceleration is due to unburnt fuel being ignited in the exhaust. The reason you do not hear this on a bike with a stock exhaust is due to the baffling of the stock exhaust.

It is not only much quieter but also does not allow the fresh air to enter the exhaust due to reversion. This fresh air makes the exhaust hotter think of letting a fire have more oxygen which aids in the combustion of the unburnt fuel. To REDUCE it may not totally go away popping on deceleration first make sure that you do not have any intake or exhaust leaks.

If all that checks out then you can alter the fuel curve at closed throttle to help this problem. The value you enter depends on your model and setup. Also make sure that you synch the Throttle Position so that it reads 0 while the bike is idling.

Click here to cancel reply. I have a sportster XLL. I still have the stock intake in place. No reflash or upgrade to ECM. On decel or downshifting I get a lot of popping from the exhaust. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Please advise…. Hi, Trevor. Yes, this would definitely improve your performance. Check neck bearings for grease and loosness.

Exhaust Mod on a whole new level of dumb works surprisingly well...

I own a Harley-Davidson Deluxe which is beautiful. My local HD staff gave me the excuse that back-firing when deaccelerating is normal for a cruiser and stated that all cruisers do this some.

Your opinion, please. Hi Dave. Decel popping is very common. My 07 Ultra Classic has a Power Commander with true duels and O2 sensor bypass harness and have the same exhaust pop. I guess I am just an old rebel because I like the pop and crack of the exhaust when I back off or let engine hold back speed coming down a mountain road.

I had the same problem. I added a fuel controller to add fuel and it never back fired again. I had 12 heritage that ran so lean and hot i used more fuel to cool it down. It worked great.

I installed Vance and Hines led fuel pak. I have replaced exhaust gaskets twice.


Tightened muffler clamps. Removed injection module and intake. Replaced all orings along with injectors. I have tried several different maps recommended by Vance and Hines. Nothing ever seems to help the pop I get through left side rear cylinder exhaust on decel. The pop begins at rpms and is rear cylinder only. Any ideas?In fact, it is estimated that mold can start to grow on damp surfaces within 24 to 48 hours. You may notice water dripping or dark stains start to form on your ceiling.

Because a bad roof leak will eventually require significant repairs both inside and outside your house. This is not an exhaustive list of signs that you may have a roof leak, but if you see one of these, it could point to a roof leak. Sometimes the water will travel several feet from the entry point to the point at which the leak shows up. Look for potential entry points like roof vents, valleys, loose nails and mark the area with chalk, so you can examine the exterior of your roof after it quits raining.

While in the attic, if water is not visible on any wood, look for water running down pipes that penetrate the roof, and also look for water around the chimney. Mark the stains and go outside to examine the roof from the exterior to see if you can identify the cause of the roof leak.

Keep in mind, some of these stains may have been caused prior to a recent roof replacement or roof repair. If a visual inspection both inside and outside the house does not determine the cause of the leak….

The inside person should have a flashlight and a small bucket to catch water when it begins to drip. The outside person should should begin by wetting the roof over a small area for a few minutes, while the inside person watches for leaks.

Start by soaking the roof low near the eavesand work your way up the roof. That way you can better locate the primary area of the roof leak. The hose should not be spraying high pressure but enough to generously wet each area, as in a heavy rain storm.

The outside person should work in sections and stay in communication with the person in the attic. As soon as you see water or moisture from inside the attic, mark the area and ask the outside person to look for exterior problems. Keep in mind that when you identify a problem area causing a leak, there may be more leaks above that. You may need to fix or patch the first roof leak and continue with the water test to see if there are any leaks further up, especially around chimneys or other roof penetrations.

There are dozens of possible areas where your roof could be leaking, but most of them fall within some very common causes of roof leaks.

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Jump to a Specific Type of Roof Leak. Roof vent pipes from plumbing or exhaust vents penetrate the roof and are usually sealed using a collar-style flashing made out of a flexible material like EPDM rubber or flexible PVC. However, over time, the materials often degrade from heat and sun exposure and can shrink or split. Vent pipe leaks are very common, and vent pipe flashing should be regularly inspected to prevent roof leaks. Roof air vents allow air to circulate from the underside of your roof to the air outside your roof.

Common issues in the first year.

Proper roof ventilation prevents excess moisture buildup under your roof and helps prevent mold, wood rot and rapid deterioration of your roof. Your roof might have a ridge vent running along the peak of your roof. Or you might have a turbine vent, free air vent or powered roof vent.

Allowing a hard driving rain to whip water up into the vent which then leaks into your attic below. If your roof vent only leaks during heavy rain, you may be able to create a shield to prevent the rain from entering the vent.

If your roof vent leaks with gentle rains as well, you may have a problem with the shingles around the vent or exposed or loose nail heads. Or it could be that the roof vent itself is cracked or damaged.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Venting for nail salon. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Venting for nail salon Hey guys, Going to be venting a roughly sq ft nail salon with 10' ceilings. I researched all I could on the site as well as google for 2 damn hours and am still perplexed What's the best way to vent these suckas??

Originally Posted by seatonheating. Hey guys, Going to be venting a roughly sq ft nail salon with 10' ceilings. Know Your Equipment Capabilities. Look up Body Shop Venting. They are as bad or worse than a body shop, with the exposer to more people, leakage into adjoining spaces.

Retired, after 43 Years.

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There are special air filters for acetone. If you vent much the neighbors will get ya.

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They won't like acetone exposure. Give me a relay with big enough contacts, and I'll run the world! You can be anything you want As long as you don't suck at it. If a person wants to create a machine that will be more likely to failOne month ago, Chris Austin was running a little-known mom-and-pop business in Texas that fielded a few dozen orders a week for his helmet-style ventilation devices. He had five employees and a handful of volunteers from the family's church who would pitch in at the workshop behind their home in the small town of Waxahachie.

The demand for the Sea-Long helmet underscores the dire shortage of ventilators in the U. In the last few weeks, hospitals have been flooded with patients experiencing respiratory problems so severe they need the help of a machine to help them breathe. Governors have made impassioned pleas for more equipment. Companies like General Motors and Ford have redesigned their assembly lines to produce the lifesaving devices.

And hospital executives are scrambling to snap up any equipment that might help ease the escalating crisis playing out inside their facilities. The Sea-Long device doesn't look the part of a lifesaving medical device. It resembles a crude spacesuit helmet, with a transparent hood sealed at the neck and two tubes extending from its base. The helmet was originally designed to supply oxygen to patients receiving treatment in hyperbaric chambers.

But doctors in Italy, where a version of the helmet has long been used to treat people experiencing breathing problems, found it to be effective in helping some COVID patients. Bhakti Patel, who has been studying the devices for six years, said they hold promise as an early intervention that could spare respiratory patients the need to be put on the more traditional — and costly and invasive — ventilators.

Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak. Patel led a first-of-its-kind study in that tested the Sea-Long helmet against an oxygen mask for a group of 83 intensive care patients suffering from acute respiratory distress. The researchers found that the helmet led to superior outcomes: Patients using them required ventilation The trial was stopped early because the helmets proved more effective than the masks, resulting in a smaller sample size than originally intended.

But Patel believes the device could lead to a sea change in intensive care units that have long relied on traditional ventilators.

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Those devices require doctors to fully sedate patients and insert a tube into their windpipes, a process that can cause pneumonia and other problems when used for extended periods of time.

The original devices were made to run through ventilators. But working with Patel and her mentor, Dr. John Kress, Sea-Long has modified the helmets so they can be hooked up to a hospital's regular oxygen supply, keeping the ventilators free for those who need them most. They have also made another significant modification, adding a viral filter to prevent possible COVID exposure to others. This week, the team at the University of Chicago Medical Center used the helmet on one coronavirus patient and has gotten encouraging results, Kress said.

The facility has received 20 of an expected helmets and is planning to use them on additional patients, the doctors said. Other companies make similar ventilator helmets, but Sea-Long's is the only helmet available in the U. No studies have yet been done, however, examining the effectiveness of the devices in treating COVID patients. Austin's team has been working around the clock for the past several weeks.

The workforce has at least doubled to more than 10 people, Austin said, and volunteers have been showing up in droves. What can we do? They don't expect anything. They just say, 'Whatever you want me to do, we'll do it. Austin told him he needed more machines to manufacture the devices but didn't have the cash to pay for them. Later that day, Austin got a call from his New Jersey-based supplier.

With the four additional machines, Sea-Long expects to produce thousands of helmets a week.

nail in exhaust pop

The goal is to produce 50, per week. Download the NBC News app for full coverage and alerts about the coronavirus outbreak. James Vanderploeg, Virgin Galactic's chief medical officer, said the company is working with Sea-Long "to help them expand their capacity, helping with recruiting additional people and getting equipment in place and helping with the logistics and so forth — anything we can do to help them expand their throughput.The Building Code Forum.

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nail in exhaust pop

Joined: Oct 22, Messages: Likes Received: 0. Proposed nail salon with 8 nail stations and 10 pedicure stations. Exhaust is shown as a cfm fan over each group of 4 nail tables. They say pedicure is for foot massage only, no exhaust required????

I always enjoy IMC code language clear as mud: "For nail salons, the required exhaust shall include ventilation tables or other systems that capture contaminants and odors at their source and are capable of exhausting 50 cfm per station.

If we capture all of the contaminants do we ruin the feel good chemical effect of the manicure? Joined: Oct 17, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2. A regular manicure or pedicure doesn't produce any more fumes than painting them at home. Trust me on that. I think the whole point is to exhaust the fumes from the salon Joined: Oct 19, Messages: 17, Likes Received: 1, What edition of imc are you under??? Use to be you could not recirculate the air.

RJJ Platinum Member. Joined: Oct 17, Messages: 2, Likes Received: What year code? Today it is supposed to be direct source.I'm talking about the pooping sound when the car decelerates. I have an Apexi n1 catback it doesn't pop. Does a header make it pop? I really have no idea. Having an open exhaust system will cause it. For instance my car it has a straight pipe with a 21 inch glass pack only, and it does it when I shift or let off the throttle sometimes.

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Also echo tips help amplify the sound. It is usually caused by a lean idle mixture. Old cars with carburetors you could adjust the idle mixture on the lean side. New fuel injected cars it almost requires an exhaust leak up near the head to simulate this. I think an exhaust leak makes it sound trashy compared to a good sealed system with a glass pack. My Mustang Cobra 5.

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Sounds great, but no popping on deceleration. If I screwed in the idle mixture screws it might. In other words its caused by the way certain exhaust restrict airflow.

Not having back fire is a good thing tho. Also ignition timing can create it by not properly tuning the vehicle and pouring unburned or partially burned fuel through the exhaust which causes that fire ball out the tail pipe destroying the CAT can cause as much damage as a misfire to the exhaust. Mike11B Lv 5. Answer Save. Shellback Lv 7. Favorite Answer. Ray Lv 7. How do you think about the answers?

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