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Craig Packer was behind the wheel when we came across the massive cat slumped in the shade beneath a spiny tree.

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It was a dark-maned male, elaborately sprawled, as if it had fallen from a great height. Its sides heaved with shallow pants.

Its mane was full of leaves. From a distance it looked like a deposed lord, grand and pitiable. The Serengeti usually dazzles first-time visitors, Packer had warned, making us giddy with an abundance of idyllic wildlife straight out of a Disney song-and-dance number. The sublime brute only 15 feet away was my first wild Panthera leo. Male African lions can be ten feet long and weigh pounds or more, and this one appeared to be pushing the limits of its species. I was glad to be inside a truck.

Packer, though, opened the door and hopped out. Packer threw another stone. Unimpressed, the lion briefly turned its back, showing hindquarters as smooth as cast bronze. The beast yawned and, nestling its tremendous head on its paws, shifted its gaze to us for the first time. Its eyes were yellow and cold like new doubloons. Packer, 59, is tall, skinny and sharply angular, like a Serengeti thorn tree. It is furnished with a faux leopard-skin couch and supplied only sporadically with electricity the researchers turn it off during the day to save energy and fresh water elephants dug up the pipelines years ago.

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Packer has been running the Serengeti Lion Project for 31 of its 43 years. It is the most extensive carnivore study ever conducted. He has collected lion blood, milk, feces and semen. He has learned to lob a defrosted ox heart full of medicine toward a hungry lion for a study of intestinal parasites.

Tiger versus lion

Over the decades there have been plagues, births, invasions, feuds and dynasties. When the lions went to war, as they are inclined to do, he was their Homer.

But because lions are the only social felines, Packer thought manes were more likely a message or a status symbol. He asked a Dutch toy company to craft four plush, life-size lions with light and dark manes of different lengths.

He attracted lions to the dolls using calls of scavenging hyenas. When they encountered the dummies, female lions almost invariably attempted to seduce the dark-maned ones, while males avoided them, preferring to attack the blonds, particularly those with shorter manes. Consulting their field data, Packer and his colleagues noticed that many males with short manes had suffered from injury or sickness. By contrast, dark-maned males tended to be older than the others, have higher testosterone levels, heal well after wounding and sire more surviving cubs—all of which made them more desirable mates and formidable foes.

Newspapers across the globe picked up the finding. In Tanzania, home to as many as half of all the wild lions on earth, the population is in free fall, having dropped by half since the mids, to fewer than 10, The reason for the decline of the king of beasts can be summed up in one word: people.All rights reserved. African lions are revered the world over, but their population has shrunk in half over the past 25 years.

lion weight

Conflict with humans is one of the greatest threats they face. African lions have been admired throughout history for as symbols of courage and strength. Only male lions typically boast manes, the impressive fringe of long hair that encircles their heads. African lions once roamed most of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe.

But the species has disappeared from 94 percent of its historic range and can only be found today in parts of sub-Saharan Africa. These lions mainly stick to the grasslands, scrub, or open woodlands where they can more easily hunt their prey, but they can live in most habitats aside from tropical rainforests and deserts. Asiatic lions Panthera leo persica are a subspecies of African lion, but only one very small population survives in India's Gir Forest.

Lions are the only cats that live in groups, which are called prides—though there is one population of solitary lions. Prides are family units that may comprise anywhere from two to 40 lions—including up to to three or four males, a dozen or so females, and their young. All of a pride's lionesses are related, and female cubs typically stay with the group as they age. Young males eventually leave and establish their own prides by taking over a group headed by another male.

Males defend the pride's territory, marking the area with urine, roaring menacingly to warn intruders, and chasing off animals that encroach on their turf. Female lions are the pride's primary hunters and leaders. They often work together to prey upon antelopes, zebras, wildebeest, and other large animals of the open grasslands.

lion weight

Many of these animals are faster than lions, so teamwork pays off. Female lions also raise their cubs communally. After the hunt, the group effort often degenerates to squabbling over the sharing of the kill, with cubs at the bottom of the pecking order. Young lions do not help to hunt until they are about a year old. Lions will hunt alone if the opportunity presents itself, and they also steal kills from hyenas or wild dogs.

Today, there are only half as many African lions than there were 25 years ago. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature IUCN estimates that fewer than 25, lions remain in Africa, which is why the organization classifies them as vulnerable to extinction. African lions face a variety of threats —most of which can be attributed to humans.

Fearing that lions will prey on their livestock, which can be a significant financial blow, ranchers may kill the animals both in retaliation and as a preventative measure, sometimes using pesticides as poison. Poachers target the species, too, as their bones and other body parts are valuable in the illegal wildlife trade.

The role trophy hunting plays is controversial. Mismanaged hunting in the past has caused lions to disappear from some habitats, while hunters and those involved in the industry say hunting fees generate money for lion conservation. With less food available in the wild, lions may be more likely to turn to hunting domesticated animals like livestock. Helping humans learn how to live with lions is key to ensuring their survival.

Conservation organizations are working to change attitudes toward lions through compensation initiatives. Some of these models offer communities financial rewards when their local lion populations rise, while others pay farmers to replace their livestock that have been killed by lions.

Other conservationists have focused on creating protected areas for lions. Now about a hundred lions roam the reserve. How much do lions eat?If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? What evidence does Coutu use to support her claim that improvisation requires resilience. A lady introduce her husband's name with saying by which can stop or move train what is that name.

lion weight

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What is the average weight of a male African lion? Wiki User Weight depends on geographic location, available prey, gender, age, and health. It has been noted that lions of South Africa are frequently larger than those of East Africa, subject to differing prey selection. In Kruger Park, the weights of lions ages 4 and above were recorded. Males portrayed an average of During this study it was discovered that lions continued to increase in girth and acquired their full weight around age seven, after which point, they declined in mass.

Thus the study reflects a mean based on growth fluctuation. Males in their prime averaged kg lbs. The largest lion in this study Age 5 harbored a mass of kg lbs.

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Another male, age 10, weighed kg lbs. Stomach contents were not included in the weights of the Kruger big cats. Females were on average 63 kg smaller than their opposite gender companions.

In Rhodesia, male lions presented a mean of Kalahari males weigh an average of The weights of 17 lions were recorded in Zimbabwe 5 males, 12 females with a range of f m kg lbs. Although some lions have been recorded at kg lbs plus, the average for the South African lion appears to be kg lbs.

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In East Africa, males have the potential to attain masses seen in South African lions, but they average less, kg lbsthe bulkiest being kg This trend is also observed in the Asiatic lion, P. Leo persica. The reason for this contrast in mass, as cited by Turner, Smuts, Schaller, Mitra, etc Some of the biggest lions ever recorded consist of a kg lbs male cattle-eater from Kenya, a kg lbs man-eater lion from Transvaal, a kg lbs beast from S.

A, and a kg lbs male from Transvaal.Historically, a comparison of the tiger Panthera tigris versus the lion Panthera leo [3] [4] has been a popular topic of discussion by hunters[5] [6] naturalists, [7] artists, and poets, and continues to inspire the popular imagination.

Both the lion and the tiger have fearsome reputations in their native areas in relation to prey, sympatric predators, and people. Both may prey on humansthough rates of man-eating tend to be higher for the tiger. More specifically, however, the Asiatic lion has similarities and differences with both its African relative and the tiger. For example, Asiatic lions are social like their African relatives, and females may be promiscuous. Currently, India is the only country confirmed to have both wild lions and tigers, specifically Asiatic lions and Bengal tigers.

Before the end of the 20th century, Asiatic lions [32] [33] and Caspian tigers [34] [35] had occurred in other Asian [2] or Eurasian nations, including Iran. According to Colin Tudgegiven that both cats hunt large herbivoresit is likely that they had been in competition in Asia. Despite their social nature, lions might have competed with tigers on an individual basis, as they would with each other. Apart from the possibility of competition, there are legends of Asiatic lions and tigers breeding to produce hybrid offspring, which would be ligers or tigons.

The possibility of conflict between lions and tigers had been raised in relation to India's Asiatic Lion Reintroduction Projectwhich was meant to introduce the Gir Forest's lions to another reserve which is considered to be within the former range of the Asiatic lion, that is Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, [30] before December In a one-on-one encounter, it is believed that a Bengal tiger could beat an Indian lion, given its weight advantage.

The American biologist Craig Packer considers that a group of lions two to three males or lionesses two to four females is more than a match for a single tiger or tigress. Craig Packer is of the opinion that, in order for Asiatic lions to survive in an area with Bengal tigers, the lions would have to be translocated there as intact groups rather than as individuals.

Reginald Innes Pocock mentioned that some people had the opinion that the tiger played a role in the near-extinction of the Indian lion, but he dismissed this view as 'fanciful'.

African Lion Facts: Habitat, Diet, Behavior

According to him, there was evidence that tigers inhabited the Indian Subcontinent before lions. The tigers likely entered Northern India from the eastern end of the Himalayasthrough Burmaand started spreading throughout the area, before the lions likely entered Northern India from Balochistan or Persiaand spread to places like the Bengal and the Nerbudda River. Because of that, before the presence of man could limit the spread of lions, tigers reached parts of India that lions did not reach.

However, the presence of tigers throughout India did not stop the spread of lions there, in the first place, so Pocock said that it is unlikely that Bengal tigers played a role, significant or subordinate, in the near-extinction of the Indian lion, rather, that man was responsible for it, [20] as was the case with the decline in tigers' numbers. In the circuses of Ancient Romeexotic beasts were commonly pitted against each other, [16] including Barbary lions [4] [49] [50] and tigers.

Although lions and tigers can be kept together in harmony in captivity, [53] fatal conflicts have also been recorded. In addition to historical recordings, clashes between lions and tigers were reported or even caught on camera [57] in the 19th and 20th centuries.

It was not always clear which species regularly beat the other, according to Doctor Packer The figure of Clyde Beatty 's 50 tigers killed by lions [80] [81] is disputed due to many of the historical events from Beatty being between the years of and having fights that would be considered unfair, such as cases of male lions against female tigers, lions ambushing tigers, gang fights with many lions teaming up on tigers, or arguably a free-for-all fight that was not between two animals:.


Ward's paintings, which portrayed lion victories in accordance with the lion's symbolic value in Great Britainhave been described as less realistic than Stubbs.

The medal commemorated the British victory at the Battle of Seringapatam in the town now known as Srirangapatna over Tipu Sultan — who used tigers as emblems, as opposed to the British emblematic use of lions. Lion and Tiger Fighting by James Ward The Seringapatam medal shows a lion defeating a tiger.

The Hindu goddess Durga depicted with both the lion and the tiger:. To pride, courage and strength, the lion joins greatness, clemency and generosity; but the tiger is fierce without provocation, and cruel without necessity. In the Hindu epic MahabharataNarada told Srinjaya that tigers were fiercer and more ruthless than lions. For example, Vedic literature depicted the lion, rather than the tiger, as the "king of the forest.

The lion and tiger rival each other in Iranian literature. As with the lion, [3] the tiger's Persian name was used for people and places. The term " tiger economy " has been applied to Asian countries that have undergone rapid economic growth, and the term " lion economy " to their African counterparts.Lions are the only cats that live in groups, which are called prides.

These are family units that may include up to three males, a dozen or so females, and their young. Young males eventually leave and establish their own prides by taking over a group headed by another male.

Only male lions boast manes, the impressive fringe of long hair that encircles their heads. Males defend the pride's territory, which may include some square miles square kilometers of grasslandsscrub, or open woodlands. These intimidating animals mark the area with urine, roar menacingly to warn intruders, and chase off animals that encroach on their turf. Female lions are the pride's primary hunters. They often work together to prey upon antelopeszebraswildbeestand other large animals of the open grasslands.

Many of these animals are faster than lions, so teamwork pays off. After the hunt, the group effort often degenerates to squabbling over the sharing of the kill, with cubs at the bottom of the pecking order. Young lions do not help to hunt until they are about a year old. Lions will hunt alone if the opportunity presents itself, and they also steal kills from hyenas or wild dogs.

Lions have been celebrated throughout history for their courage and strength. They once roamed most of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe. There is no single dominant male lion in a pride, they are of equal status. If a lion misses its target on the first run, it usually bandons the chase.

Although often called the King of the Jungle, African lions are not generally found in the rainforest. Support on-the-ground Bic Cats conservation projects, education, and economic incentive efforts. The only cat that's truly social is the lion. But why?

The Weight & Height of Lions

And how? To find out, our team spent many months with the prides of the Seregenti. Female lions do most of the hunting. Unlike other cats, lions work together to make a kill.

A lion's vision is six times more sensitive than a human's. Understanding the lives of lions Lion gangsters Male lions vs.

Female lions World's deadliest: Lion vs. Lion Donate Support on-the-ground Bic Cats conservation projects, education, and economic incentive efforts.Lions are the second-largest cats in the world, after tigers. Known as the "king of beasts" or "king of the jungle," these regal felines once roamed Africa, Asia and Europe, but now only live in parts of Africa and India.

Experts have long recognized two subspecies of lion, Panthera leo leo the African lion and Panthera leo persica the Asiatic lion. However, recent studies suggest that lions from West and Central Africa are more closely related to Asian lions than they are to lions from the eastern and southern parts of Africa, according to the Cat Specialist Group, a component of the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN.

Inthe Cat Specialist Group published their reclassification of lions into two new subspecies: Panthera leo leo also called the Northern subspecies and Panthera leo melanochaita the Southern subspecies.

Panthera leo melanochaita includes lion populations from southern parts of Africa Katanga lion and the Southeast African lion and East Africa Masai lion and Ethiopian lion. Although the West African and Asiatic lions are genetically similar, many of their physical characteristics and behaviors are slightly different. African lions can grow to between 9 and 10 feet long 3 meters from head to tail, with the tail being about 2 to 3 feet long 60 to 91 centimetersaccording to the Smithsonian National Zoo.

They typically weigh between to pounds to kilogramswith males reaching the higher end of that range. Asiatic lions also called Asian or Indian lions are slightly smaller than African lions. They are 6. Lions tend to have loose skin hanging from their midsection, possibly to help protect them from the piercing hooves of their frantic prey. Asiatic lions also have a fold of skin that runs along their belly, a feature rarely seen in African lions, according to African Lion and Environmental Research Trust ALERTa research and conservation organization.

Compared to African lions, Asiatic lions tend to have shaggier coats, longer hair tufts on their elbows, and a longer tassel on the end of their tail. Not only are male lions generally larger than females, but they also have a distinctive thick mane of hair around their heads that females lack.

The biggest and most fabulous manes are more impressive to mating females and more intimidating to competing males, according to the San Diego Zoo. The mane also protects the male's neck during fights over territory or mating rights.

lion weight

African lions tend to have bigger, more magnificent manes compared to their Asiatic cousins. Asiatic lions are found only in the Indian state of Gujarat, Western India, where most reside in the protected Gir Forest National Parka square-mile 1,square-km wildlife haven. The Indian government designated this land, which includes a deciduous forest, grasslands, scrub jungle and rocky hills, as a wildlife sanctuary inaccording to Gir National Park. In addition to more than lions and leopards, the park is home to deer, antelope, jackal, hyenas, foxes, reptiles and more than species of birds.The lion Panthera leoalso known as African lion, is a very big carnivorous feline that roams sub-Saharan Africa's many savannas, plains, woodlands, semideserts, forests, dense brush, scrublands and grasslands.

A smaller population of lions lives in forests of western India. When it comes to habitat, these big cats are very diverse. Although lions are indeed massive, tigers Panthera tigris are larger.

Visiting Gerda and Chuk, Lion Weighing More Than 300 Kg

In general, fully grown male lions weigh in at around pounds, according to Animal Diversity Web of the University of Michigan. They are significantly bigger than female lions, which generally weigh about pounds. The heftiest weight reported for a male lion is approximately pounds -- almost pounds more than the average. Large as some lions are, Siberian tigers -- a Panthera tigris subspecies -- grow to more than pounds in weight in extreme cases.

The average height of the Siberian tiger is slightly under 4 feet at the shoulders. Male lions are also usually a little bit taller than female lions, although not usually by a lot.

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At the shoulder area, the males typically reach around 4 feet. Lion tails are usually somewhere between 26 inches and 40 inches long, according to the National Geographic. Male lions are usually a little more than 6 feet long, while females are usually slightly less than 6 feet, not including the tail.

Lions are big-time predators. They go after wildebeests, wild hogs, zebras, antelopes, hares, birds, amphibians, impalas, fish, gazelles, giraffes, ostrich eggs, reptiles, rodents, and buffalo. These felines seek out mammals that are between small and moderate size. Lions also are in no way choosy. If a lion can catch an animal, she'll most likely eat it. Female lions do not have manes, so they stand out far less than males, and they do most of the hunting. Although lions are ferocious, strong and large, they do have some predators of their own.

These include human beings and hyenas. By using the site, you agree to the uses of cookies and other technology as outlined in our Policy, and to our Terms of Use. Skip to main content. Video of the Day. Brought to you by Cuteness. Lion Average Height Male lions are also usually a little bit taller than female lions, although not usually by a lot. Tail and Body Average Length Lion tails are usually somewhere between 26 inches and 40 inches long, according to the National Geographic.

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